Témoignage d’une volontaire SCI

Merci à Louisa pour son magnifique témoignage! Elle a fait deux semaines et demi de volontariat avec le https://www.scibelgium.be/ l’été 2023.
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I’m Louisa, and I’ll talk about my experience as a volunteer with Les Amis du Village.

I didn’t have to think twice before applying to this project; there was something that gave me a sense of familiarity, even though it was a completely new experience for me.
Some time later, I was about to take a plane to another continent. Soon after, I arrived at the Tienen train station with the welcoming and warm smile of Sarah, our coordinator, about to start what was going to be one of the best experiences of my life.
We were sitting on some chairs the first day, getting to know each other. The simplicity of that already made me feel part of something; every little thing we did felt significant.
We quickly created a routine, waking up early for our morning yoga classes with Joseph and going to l’atelier for breakfast. It was amazing how it felt like we had been doing this for a long time—the way someone took the dishes out of the kitchen counter, then someone put the chairs, and someone else helped set up the table.
Everyone was unique, and that’s what made this experience so incredible. We adapted well; even though we had a routine, we also had different tasks every day. We could try new things but also do what we liked the most. For me, it was digging, breaking tiles, building walls, but I also appreciated picking up berries from the trees, spending time in the garden, and helping in the kitchen.
We became a family, working together and caring about each other. We were all part of something so special: Permaculture. Esthel and Joseph are the best people to learn from; you could see the passion they put into building something so beautiful. They welcomed us into this wonderful lifestyle, which, for me, is based on love, sharing with people, and caring about the things that surround us.

How can I describe Les Amis du Village?

For me, it feels like home. It’s Sabrina talking with me about her favorite books while we’re sitting in the garden. It’s Adel sharing the show he loves the most while we build a wall. Fer telling me about how she cares about society and making an impact in the world while we accommodate wood. It’s Malih sharing a piece of her life while we sit on the couch. Sarah, well, Sarah is magical; everything she does feels like home. Joseph preparing absolutely amazing food. Esthel with the most amazing stories and her experiences traveling the world.
It’s everyone sitting in l’atelier with an instrument in our hands, sharing, smiling, and enjoying.
Les Amis du Village is the place where you can create the most amazing memories. It’s a place to connect with people, with nature; it’s a place to discover yourself. It’s a place to find love.

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